“Before all else, preparation is the key to success.”

— Alexander Grahm Bell

The HIPUS ® system will consist of:  1) a knowledge base of care information, stored within 2) a relational database of care and patient data, and 3) applications which can process that data in numerous ways.


The knowledge base will provide, initially, evidence-based info re diagnosis and treatment of the most costly and/or common conditions–then other presentations.*  I’ve compiled a knowledge base covering all known causes of chest pain. Because the entire knowledge base will need to stand up in a court of law, its content will be scrutinized by people like Dr. Carol Rivers (see Endorsements) prior to use.  After devising expeditious ways to compile, update and expand that knowledge base, others will be recruited to accelerate that process.


The relational database will be highly modular.  The data will cover six entities: patients, disorders, findings, tests, procedures and drugs.  Each specific entity will be represented by a standardized (SNOMED) name and unique number. Each number will serve as a (unique) primary key value in a table of such entities.  Each will also be used to create primary key values for entities in all related tables. My database design is available for study upon request.


Applications will let providers use the above data, first for study, then at the bedside.  They will permit use on any computer, on any size smart phone or tablet, and with any commonly used operating system.  The slide shows accessed via this website’s home page, and other shows not included here, will be expanded to provide the story boards and specs needed to produce applications.


*  The system will let providers easily move between use and nonuse, permitting gradually expanded, non-disruptive use.