“I whole-heartedly support the concept of HIPUS.”

— Dr. Carol Rivers

Dr. Rivers edited and published preparatory textbooks for the board exams in emergency medicine.  Her books helped thousands of doctors become certified. Her endorsement of the HIPUS ® color-coded interface, addressed to my patent attorney, prompted me to compile a knowledge base for acute coronary syndromes (heart attack and unstable angina) which she also endorsed.


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Her endorsements inspired me to finish what I started.  She must have known that use of HIPUS ® assistance would impact the board certification process, and therefore her life’s work.


That process needs to be modified.  It was established in 1933 and hasn’t changed much since then despite overwhelming information growth.  A series of Institute of Medicine reports to Congress have called for fundamental change to address exploding healthcare complexity and costs. Without such change, many doctors will become obsolete.