A doctor’s best friend

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These shows illustrate use for integrated study and bedside assistance.



Describes features which will make the system highly useable, and provides an overview of ED use.

Run time: 3 minutes

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Bedside use

The next three shows illustrate bedside use and explain how the system might facilitate better physician-nurse collaboration.


Routine care

Three parts describe routine evaluation and management of chest pain, given three initial ECG presentations.

Run time: 17 minutes

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HP-thumb-c arrest

Immediate care

Illustrates use to document care of a cardiac arrest.

Run time: 7 minutes

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Nurse care

Shows how nurses might use the system to complement and improve physician care.

Run time: 5 minutes

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Case for use of color-coded assistance

Explains need for color-coded, diagnostic assistance and how use can increase the value of and respect for a doctor’s professional service.

Run time: 5 minutes

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Use for study

Describes use of the system for study or review, to prepare for efficient, effective bedside use.

Run time: 7 minutes

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Additional shows

Illustrate use by ED and primary care physicians to coordinate cost-effective care over time and across settings.

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